Stop Hating on Randy Ruiz

I’m not usually one to ‘report on the reporters’ but a comment from fellow Blue Jays blogger ‘LloydtheBarber’ (of the great Ghost Runner on First) irked me. Tweet about our boy Randy:


I’ll go ahead and assume that the crux of his argument is Randy’s 2009 season has been aided by the hitter’s friendly park in Vegas (and PCL league as a whole).

Maybe it is the hitter friendly ballpark out in Vegas.

Stat check says… maybe not. Ruiz’s road OPS being .957 and he’s hit 14 of his 25 HR away from Vegas.

Some may point to Ruiz’s high BABIP this season as .364 as a main factor for his robust numbers, yet his cumulative BABIP since 2005 BABIP is .371

Here are Randy’s career minor league stats


Wow. Randy has never posted a sub .835 OPS in his entire 11 season minor leauge career. Last season in a tough International League he hit .320 with 17 HR and a .902 OPS. His overall career OPS of .909 isn’t too shabby either.

Randy’s been relegated to the minors for his entire career (minus a cup of coffee in 2008). I hope the Jays keep Randy on the big league club after the eventually Snider call-up. Given a fair chance Randy could add some punch to the bottom portion of the line-up.

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  1. says: Ian

    Looking at his minor league stats, I’m kind of surprised that Ruiz hasn’t spent more time in the majors. I’ve heard he’s won a couple of batting titles as well, so you think more teams would’ve taken notice other than the Twins and the Jays.

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