Stories to Watch: Jim Parque

Stories to Watch: Jim Parque


While skimming through the baseball headlines this morning, I noticed that the Mariners have signed former lefthander Jim Parque, best known for his years in a White Sox Uniform.


Parque has been out of the league since 2004 due to serious shoulder troubles.  Most will remember Parque as having gone 13-6 with a 4.28 ERA for the White Sox in 2000 and pitching Game 1 of the ALCS in that year vs. Seattle.


So why does this matter? This story oddly mirrors that of former Tampa Bay pitcher Jimmy Morris, a story made famous by my favourite baseball movie “The Rookie”.  In the movie, Jimmy Morris is a high school science teacher who is encouraged to attend an open tryout for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays by his students after seeing him throw in the mid 90’s while pitching batting practice to the school baseball team.  Jim Parque, after leaving baseball, opened up his own baseball academy.  After 2 years off from the game, Parque’s shoulder is feeling good and he is able to throw pain free.  While pitching in his baseball academy he was able to build his arm strength up to be able to throw in the low 90’s again.  Several of his academy members encouraged him to make a comeback after seeing the radar gun readings, which wound up in Parque attending auditions with the Rangers, Reds and Mariners.


I hope he does complete the comeback and I will be rooting for him.  Keep your eye on this potentially feel good story for 2007..


Jim Parque

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5 replies on “Stories to Watch: Jim Parque”
  1. says: Callum

    It’s hard to put a number on the odds of him being successful. John Franco and Terry Mulholland have both taught me that there is always room for a lefthanded pitcher on a ballclub. I assume he still has control of his stuff since he has been pitching in his baseball academy but you never know. Jarrod Washburn, Horacio Ramirez and Arthur Rhodes are all injury risks so there is always a chance.

  2. says: Mike Roy

    Jim Parque has worked with my son (10 yrs old) at his training facility in Auburn, WA. We are all watching his comeback with warm hearts and hope as he has been nothing but a humble gentleman and great teacher to our kids. Regardless of what happens with his comeback, everyone should know that he is making a positive impact on young baseball players and truely “Giving back” to a sport that he has loved his entire life even though it hasn’t always loved him back. Dream the Dream and we wish you Godspeed, Jim!!!

  3. says: Jacob farnworth

    I have worked with Jim and seen him pitch, and I say that he has a very good chance of a comeback. Anything is possible. So good luck Jim. And go Mariners!

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