Strictly Business – Jays call up Burres & Bullington

Strictly Business – Jays call up Burres & Bullington

Reporters that actually cover the Jays on a daily basis (Bastian for example) got this one wrong. And why did they? Because they are too close to the source. They get Cito’s input (which really doesn’t mean anything when it comes to transactions), which they buy into. And the majority of the writers (judging by their reporting) make purchases at J.P.s Used Car Lot.


I’ve got to give fellow writer Callum some props on this one. Here’s his comment before the announced call-ups:

Guys like Wilner and Bastian are saying Cecil but I believe that to be wishful thinking on their part. If you take into account service time as well as the fact the Mills/Cecil are getting lit up, Miller is the clear choice (not to mention that he is pitching effectively). Word on the street though says that Burres is coming up. I don’t understand that one. Burres is getting dominated in Vegas. But as you said, we shall soon see.

Even with the solid start, the Jays are still run like a business. The logic behind these call-ups is why start the service time of future studs like Cecil & Mills when you can get a couple of fill-in starts/appearances from guys with no real future with the club? And the answer probably makes sense. That’s of course unless you think this club has a shot at the playoffs. In that case you’d rather see Cecil…

LiveBlog tonight: Callum will be live bloggin’ the years first match-up of the Red Sox & the Yankees tonight at 7pm over at Stop on by, it should be a great game and a great opportunity to take shots at players on both clubs.

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