The $400 Ball Glove

The $400 Ball Glove

Rawlings Primo


Rawlings has just released a new model of glove that retails for $400. Why the big price tag?


Rawlings Primo


According to its stats, the Primo features rich “Italian leather hand-sewn into an advanced three-layer design” that can be broken on to suit various positions ” infield, outfield, bench warmer.

Rawlings also uses the word luxurious to describe its product, which comes at a cost of $400 (US).


Not only that, but it takes 2 days to handcraft a single glove and there will only be 3,000 made this year. Sounds like a pretty sweet glove, no? You gotta assume that most big leaguers use this fancy model of glove. Not so, apparently.

The irony, according to a report in Fortune magazine, is that not one of Rawlings’ big-name major-league clients is willing to wear the Primo in an actual game. Derek Jeter won’t. Alex Rodriguez won’t. Jose Reyes and Albert Pujols won’t.

There are three pitchers using them but one ” Jake Peavy of the San Diego Padres ” has asked Rawlings to remake his old glove with Italian leather.


Not exactly a fact that instills confidence in one shelling out $400 for a glove, but it is nice to know there is an option out there for those who want to “floss”.




Shout out to the Globe & Mail for pimping it out.


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  1. says: Hallan

    The reason that many pros will not wear this glove is because they can’t put their names on it. Rawlings has the words dual core where the pros like to see their names. I’m not sure if seeing their name on a glove gives them more confidence or what the deal is, but being a player myself I know that I want the best glove possible.

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