The ’41st’ Pod – Wed, May 7th

The ’41st’ Pod – Wed, May 7th


Please click below for Wed, May 7th’s edition of, ‘The 41st Pod’.



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4 replies on “The ’41st’ Pod – Wed, May 7th”
  1. says: 41st Wraith

    I think Floyd is a nice SP option for any fantasy team. He’s not overpowering by any means, and he won’t elevate your team to ridiculous levels either. He’s a very consistent, reliable starter, which can be hard to find, especially mid-season/dog-days of summer.

    He’s gone @ least 6 innings in all 6 starts this year, most ER he’s allowed is 5, then 3 (twice) and the other 3 starts = 0ER.

    But he’s never K’d more than 4 batters, and has allowed at least 2BB per start.

    That being said, his ERA is an even 2.50, and his whip is under 1 @ 0.96.

    I wasn’t on the Floyd train, but damn, he’s very consistent and shouldn’t be available anymore in any competitive leagues.

  2. says: Callum

    Regarding Zito, karma is a bitch. He used to think he was such hot shit that when he had 2 strikes on a batter with 2 outs he would throw the curve and before it even arrived at the plate he was walking off the mound back to the dugout. I’d like to see him try to do that now, cocky bastard.

  3. says: 41st Wraith

    lol.. So true about Zito.. In fact, I think he once threw an 0-2 curve, walked to the dugout, grabbed some Gatorade, put his jacket on, went to the washroom, came back, and then the curve landed to get the batter.

    But no, he can’t do that anymore.

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