The Blue Jay Party Scene

The Blue Jay Party Scene

If you are like us here at Mop Up Duty, when you are at a baseball game you like to party. Whether you are drinking an $8 draught or a coke with some smuggled-in booze, watching a game under the influence is that much more fun for you and, at times, everyone around you. But what happens when the game is over and you want to keep the party spirit alive? While Wrigley field is known for its pre and post-game bars surrounding the stadium, the Rogers Centre is no slouch either. I now present to you the M.U.D guide of places to go to celebrate a win with your Jay fan brethren, based on my personal experience.

The Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe, situated above the Centre Field fence at the Rogers Centre was all the rage when the stadium opened originally as the SkyDome. Since then, the fad of watching the game from a bar in the ballpark has worn off, yet it doesn’t make it a bad time. Quite the opposite actually. Home of a messy Pulled Pork Sandwich, Early’s favourite, it is a great place to see the game and drink beers with friends.

Alice Fazooli’s

Located in a restored turn-of-the-century printing press warehouse, this resto-bar is cavernous and unique, like something out of the Gulf Coast by way of Northern Italy. They also have pretty nifty pint glasses with the Jays logo on them. Here you will find Jays fans and bandwagon jumping fans of the Red Sox/Yankees all in one place living in peace and harmony.

The Elephant and Castle

Stepping into this restaurant is like going back to the British Isles, complete with English bric-a-brac, a roaring fireplace during the chilly season, and an open-air patio in the summer. One of the city’s tour companies even includes the restaurant in its round of historic sites. I am pretty sure I have been here, but I am not entirely sure. I have a feeling it was after an Aaron Hill walk off HR so things are a bit foggy.

Armadillo Texas Grill

I stopped in here after the Jays final game of this year when Shaun Marcum struck out 10 of those dirty red sox. I love my tex-mex so if you feel the same, you’ll want to check these out. The waitresses are very friendly and if you exhibit a little charm, they aren’t afraid to make your drinks extra stiff with a nod and a wink, if that is your thing. Tons of post-game fans here and you will be sure to find someone to get your nerd-on with and talk baseball. Be sure you tell them about and how we sent you there. Or not. It’s up to you really. But at least try to get them to add us to their favourites. Thanks.

The Duke of Argyle

Another british style pub, you won’t find many Jays fans here after the game in my experience. It gets honourable mention for their sweet potato french fries which go down extra nice after a day of drinking at the dome. Pardon the alliteration. They have a bunch of beers and overall it is a good time.

The Lone Star Texas Grill

And yet another Tex-Mex style place. You’d think that the creative minds in the Front Street bar district would be able to think of a theme other than Tex Mex or Old English Pub? Oh well, this is an alright place. The beers are a bit too expensive, like $7 for a garbage beer. Actually now that I think about it, this place isn’t that good of a time at all. But check it out and see for yourself.

Wayne Gretzky’s

I can’t say that I have ever been here, since I try to shun all things hockey related, especially when it is baseball season. However, Wayne Gretzky IS a stud and word on the street is that his restaurant, on 99 Blue Jays Way, has a pretty solid rooftop patio.

Scotland Yard

This is the place to go after an afternoon game to sit on their patio before the BierMarkt (see below) opens. It is a few blocks away from the Dome/Rogers Centre but it is worth the short walk. Just around the corner from the Hummingbird Centre on the Esplanade, Scotland yard is ANOTHER one of those old time pub style places. They have all the traditional pub fare I assume and your typical Beers from the U.K.


This place is pretty wicked. Early and I got wrecked here after a Jays win one time and tried to sample all of their obscure beers. I recommend the Hoegaarden, which comes in this giant tub of a glass. It doesn’t taste the greatest once you start, but once you get going it is amazing. They have a nice gourmet burger and nice salads if you are into eating food. For the drinkers, there are over 100 beers so it is incredibly difficult to make a decision. Ladies seem to like the Fruli, which is a strawberry type beer. You won’t find many Jays fans here, if any, but it is a nice place to wrap up a day at the ball park.

The Harbour Castle

After reading the mopupduty article the all party team, you might get the urge to party with the likes fo Keith Foulke or Mike Mussina. If that is the case then you are in luck. All of the visiting players stay in Toronto at the Harbour Castle and you will sometimes find them in the hotel bar prowling for baseball bunnies. So if you think and act like you are 12 years old all of the time but are lucky enough to have reached the age of majority and want to stalk/get autographs from your favourite visiting players, here is the place to go.

With that, I will wrap up this article. Where is everyone else’s favourite post-game party spots? I know for sure I am missing a few so throw some down.

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  1. says: Early

    Good article, The HardRock Cafe is terribly underrated and under promoted. Watching a ball game live from a bar is stuff dreams are made of.

    The Esplanade is a little walk from the dome but OK in nice weather.

    Lonestar sucks, nothing Tex-Mex about it. Maybe Lonestar is the rating that Toronto Life Mag gave it when it opened.

    And how about a shout out by name to the baby girl you were getting your “stalk-on” at Armadillos.

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