The Definitive List of The Best Fantasy Baseball Names

Yes, it’s February and it’s a dark and dreary time.  Yet we know that spring is just around the corner because it’s time to set up your Fantasy Baseball Leagues!  If you’re having trouble picking a team name, we’re here to help.

While some of our baseball fantasies may be tamer than others, we can all agree that a key part of playing fantasy baseball is coming up with the perfect team name.  Without further adieu….

B. Inge Drinking
Openly Bay
Nomar Mr. Nice Guy
You Down with OBP?
Mahatma Gagne
Votto You Doing?
FIP 2 Be Square

[youtube LB5YkmjalDg]

Honey Nut Ichiros/Chirinos
Where My Pitches At?
Over the (Aaron) Hill
I Left My Heart In Ben Francisco
Hakuna Tejada

[youtube ejEVczA8PLU]

The Devil Wears Prado
Grand Theft Votto
Carry On My Heyward Son
To Kill a Marlon Byrd
The Tolbert Report
Delusions of Granderson
Happy Halladays
Ellsbury Doughboys

[youtube 45uZOgg2RVw]

Sipping on Gin & Youk
Latos Intolerant
Dude Looks Like An 80
No One Man Should Have All That Mauer
The Scioscial Network
Votto-erotic Asphyxiation
Derek Holland’s OPS

Dexy’s/Texy’s Midnight RISP/Runners in Scoring Position
Bryce Bryce Baby
Sweet ‘n Mauer Sauce
Anibal Lester

60 Feet 6 Inges
In Case Of Emergency, Use (Matt) Stairs
Chone of the Dead
Billy Beane is not My Lover
If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the McCutcheon
I Don’t Practice Renteria

[youtube AEYN5w4T_aM]

Domi Arigato Mr. Delgado
Kershawshank Redemption
The Good The Vlad and The Uggla
Lugo My Eggos
Votto You Want From Me?
Cust In The Wind
Third Degree Byrnes
Jay Bruce Almighty
Good Morneau America
You Say Tomato, I Say Tabata
Take Maholm Tonight

[youtube NbhXmSBlS_U]

Inglourious Bedards
Inglourious Bastarados
Highway to Hellickson
Jews For DeJesus
Tulowit 2 Quit
Francisco Cordero Bear

From Dusk Till Braun
The Cahills Have Eyes
Chone John
Bros before Hosmer
Let’s Get Denarded/Bedarded
Tejada They Come, Tejada They Fall

[youtube SNa0IGBC99A]

Gagne With A Spoon
Lawn Mauers
Victorino is Mine
Insane Clown Posey
Cano You Di-in’t!
Next of Kinsler
Cuddyer Straits
Kinsler’s List
Ianetta You A Sweater
The Braun Supremacy
Green Eggs and Hamilton
You Don’t Mess with the Johan
Nobody F—s with DeJesus

RBI’d For Her Pleasure
WHIPs & Chains
For What It’s Werth
Black Sabathia
While My Guitar Gently Weeks
Magic Carpenter Ride
Don’t Bring Me Downs
Janssen On The Ceiling

[youtube OdQDXs75Ulo]

You Shook Me All Night Longoria
Zack and Miri Make a Morneau
Napoli Dynamite
Miguel Should Have Called a Cab(rera)
Make Love, Not WAR
The Haren the Tortoise
Thelma and Ruiz
Stubbs Hub
O’s Before Hoes
Don’t It Make My Braun Eyes Blue

and from our friend @mererog:

Alice in Thames
Can I Morrow a Feeling?

[youtube zo3vLSoXWw4]

Are there any pun aficianados out there? If so, let’s hear your best fantasy baseball names in the comment section!

Photos courtesy of IMDB and Jim Borgman of the Cincinnati Enquirer..

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