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Cecil & Fianceé

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What up y’all, your favourite sleuth Mr. X is back with more dirt for you hopeless Jays fans.  I saw Callum grasping for straws the other day in his Brett Cecil vs. Tommy Hanson article and wondering why Cecil is floundering.  Is he fatigued? Is it the AL East? Does he just suck? Blah blah blah.  It is none of those things.  It is his fianceé, pictured below:

Cecil's Fianceé

Wow, she looks pretty good eh? How could that be a problem? Welllll she has put on 35lbs due to eating chicken wings every night at the “Wings Shop” that she serves at.  Why so hungry?


The rumours are flying that Cecil got her pregnant and that is why she is packing on the poundage.  This was accidental on Cecil’s part but possibly planned by her.  Several of his teammates are giving him the gears about this, concerned that she is into Cecil for his high earning potential and will be taking him for all he is worth.

That could explain plays like this 

He just has other, more pressing things on his mind.

brett cecil

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  • Cecil’s not a pretty kid, he should take what he can get. I don’t know what it is about her but she has a five year +fifty pound look about here.

    My advice for Brett; Pretend it’s the 7th inning vs an AL East opponent… stay as far away as possible!

  • friend

    I actually went to school with her and yes he did get her pregnant they have a lil boy now.. she was always known in school as an ‘opportunist’ curious to see how it plays out. but they do seem happy.