The Ever Expanding Jesse Litsch

The Ever Expanding Jesse Litsch


(Included photos of Jesse during 2009 spring training)

When Jesse was drafted he weighed in at 175.

In Baseball America’s 2007 (really the 2006 off-season) prospect guide Jesse is listed at 205.

Over at Jesse is listed at 215 for the 2008 season.


2009 and beyond? David Wells or Sidney Ponson?


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6 replies on “The Ever Expanding Jesse Litsch”
  1. says: Kman

    I can’t argue too much with the Tabloid style reporting comment but I can point out at least a few differences.

    For a talentless hack like Jessica Simpson a few extra pounds doesn’t mean much.

    To an MLB pitcher we have endurance + mechanics questions. Sure, there have been some successful “fatty” pitcher’s in the past ten seasons. Still it could be an issue, especially with Jesse gaining so much weight at this early stage in his MLB career.

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