The Halladay family is ridiculously good looking

God damn.  What good genetics have to be in those offspring. Brandy Halladay is, of course, the perfect woman and I believe Roy Halladay was created in a lab Ivan Drago-style.  Don’t be lazy, don’t be crazy – sign those kids TODAY!

Such winning smiles.

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  • LJ

    Wow, the older son got really pudgy. Start running with your father, boy!

  • It’s just baby fat he is storing for an epic growth spurt so he will be as tall as his Dad.

  • Ian

    Brandy Halladay is a saint!

  • Early

    I hear there is trouble in paradise.

    Doc is leaving Brandy who doesn’t make a fine wife. He is going to be moving in with a Toronto area blogger and the blogger will raise the boys and Roy and blogger will live happily ever after.

    Until Kelly Gruber comes along…