The Last Time the Jays were in the Playoffs…

The Last Time the Jays were in the Playoffs…


Canada had 3 Prime Ministers:  Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell & Jean Chreiten


Average gas price in Toronto at the end of the year: 45.5 cents per litre


Google won’t exist for another 5 years


MPG1 sound files are publicly released. WAV files are the most common file format on the internet.


$1119 will get you a new Mac with 5MB of RAM and an 80MB hard drive.


Wendel Clark is leafs captain


Toronto Raptors are granted expansion into the NBA


Alex Anthopoulos is 16 years old


Rookie of the Year is released




Hot Dog & Beer Combo is $7 at the Skydome


Nolan Ryan retires at the age of 46


George Bush is still part owner of the Texas Rangers


Chipper Jones is Baseball America’s #1 pre-season prospect



Six pitchers throw over 250 innings; four throw 10 or more complete games


R.A Dickey is 19 years old, Travis d’Arnaud is 4, Noah Syndergaard  turns 1


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