The San Pedro de Macoris Posse

What do you do when you are a young, rich & successful Dominican in the offseason?  You roll around town in a Benz and treat all your closest friends to a day at the hair salon to freshen up the jheri curls.

Tony Fernandez is in white.  Alfredo Griffin and Julio Franco are on the left.

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  • mathesond

    Heh, I studied Spanish in university from 1990-92. One year, we had to write a 5 minutes speech on the topic of our choice. Being the Jays fan that I am, I chose San Pedro de Macoris, and basically translated, as best I could, an article from The Sporting News or a similar publication. Naturally, my professor was from the next town over, and had many questions for me. Still managed a B, though

  • Larry

    I think the image was from the 1987 SI Swimsuit issue.

    The other guys pictured include Rafael Santana [striped shirt], Jose Uribe [R.I.P.] and Mariano Duncan [next to Tony Fernandez].

  • Kay

    What a fantastic picture!

  • Gordon

    Rafael Santana passed a few years ago also.