Tony LaRussa : Girly Man DUI

Tony LaRussa : Girly Man DUI

You're out of Mike's Hard Lemonade!You’re cut off! No more Mike’s Hard Lemonade Tony!”

What’s going on with the camps this year? A week ago Chacin was caught over the limit and now the manager of all managers, Tony Larussa is also caught with a DUI. Supposedly LaRussa is a cheap drunk that wears a skirt, lipstick, and hulahoop earrings. His alcohol level was 0.93, with the legal limit being 0.80. He’s over, so he should be punished, no doubt about that one. Yet his small over-rate shouldn’t have created too much havoc, right? Wrong. Being over 0.13 points caused LaRussa to pass out at a green light. That’s a no-no kids. The Man had no choice but to knock on his window. After slowly wiping the drool from his mouth and reaching for the alarm clock, Tony realized what was up and exiting the vehicle. From World Series champ to a two drink drunk in under six months…

Inside Tip: The Cardinals are close to finilizing a deal that will send LaRussa a drinking buddy, Mr. Chacin. If this happens, expect Jeff Reardon or second choice Albert Belle to join the Cardinals coaching staff as a “life coach”.

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Tony, you Girly Man!

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