Top 10 & Bottom 10 SO/HR for 2008

Top 10 & Bottom 10 SO/HR for 2008


Here at the we’re always going on and on about SO/BB ratio for hitters. Opinions can sometimes differ on the purpose of this stat. At what level can you forgive a strikeout prone hitter? While this exact ratio can differ from source to source, typically a team can live with strikeouts if the hitter is exhibiting extra base power.

Keeping things simple here are the top and bottom 10 in SO to HR ratio. To be eligible players need to have 300 or more plate appearances.

Top 10 (Best SO/HR Ratio)


Pujols has been in the top three for this ratio for the past half decade. At the bottom of the list is Kotchman, one of the more under-rated talents who is making the most of his opportunity. At #10 is all-star Nate McClouth. His improved SO/BB ratio (along with some extra poundage…) has contributed to his breakout season. I’m surprised to see Crede on this list.

To be fair to the bottom 10 I’ve thrown out players with less than 5 HR, as many base stealers fall into this category.

Bottom 10 (Worst SO/HR Ratio with 5 or more HR)


A number of pre-season surprises exist on this list. Upton & Rios were both pegged for breakouts in 2008. Both have struggled with the longball, with each have subpar OPS’ and higher SB totals. I added in Fukudome due to his all-star starting role. The rest of the list is somewhat expected outside of Matthews and Overbay, with both expected to yield higher power outputs.

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