Top 10 Startling Jays Stats

Here are the top 10 startling Jays stats. (ie odd internal stats, not ALind is hitting .200 & Jose Bautista has 23 HR type stats)

Not GG level but better than expected

1. Vernon Wells is a very respectable 9th in MLB CF Out of Zone plays (OOZ) with 45

2. Jose Bautista Ranks #3 (AL) in Hit Tracker’s ‘No Doubts’ category and #2 in ‘Just Enough’.

3. The AL leader in ‘No Doubts’? Vernon Wells with 9. Conversely the AL leader in ‘Just Enoughs’ is Alex Gonzalez

4. Comeback Kid: Shawn Camp has fallen behind 2-0 35 times this season. Opponents are hitting only .133 with a .257 OBP after the count reaches 2-0.

Has a higher career BA than Chase Utley

5. Ex-Jay Joe Inglett is a career .297 hitter in over 700 At-bats.

6. Average attendance this at the Rogers Centre this season in 17423. Take away opening day and the three game series against the Yankees and the average drops by more than 2000, all the way down to 15208

7. Aaron Hill BABIP, seasonally from 2005 – 2010.

.299, .319, .324, .301, .288, .183

8. Only three Jay batters are on pace to reach 50 walks by the end of the season (AHill, Lyle Overbay). Jose Bautista is the third. He’s already reached the mark with 52 BB.

Can Buck catch it?

9. Ricky Romero’s 15 Wild Pitches this season places him 3rd on the all-time Jays single season list. Ahead of him are Dave Lemanczyk (20) in 1977 and Juan Guzman (26) in 1993

10. The Jays worst full-time pitcher, Brian Tallet, is owning left handed batters this season. In 62 plate appearances LHB are hitting .125/.177/.250. This includes a unsustainable .125 BABIP but also a 16/3 K/BB ratio. Full Pitch F/X analysis coming next week.

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9 replies on “Top 10 Startling Jays Stats”
  1. 700 ABs is a little more than a full season – not that impressive. Pro-rate it over 15+ years and then you’ve got something! 😉

    What happens to attendance when you take away the 3 “home” Phillies games that are factored into Rogers Centre attendance?

  2. Hell, I was shocked to see Inglett batting .297. I’m sure everyone understands the sample once they see 700 AB.

    The B-Ref info I used listed the Phi games as road games, thus they were not included in the 15208 average attendance figure.

  3. I like the Aaron Hill stat. Do you see him raking in the 2nd half of this year if his BABIP progresses to a norm?

    A somewhat-related, interesting stat. In 2008, Armando Galarraga went 13-7 with a 3.73 ERA. He’d been absurdly lucky on balls in play, giving up a .247 BABiP. In 2009, his BABiP jumped to (a perfectly normal) .302 and his ERA jumped to 5.64.

    1. says: Kman

      I hope to see Hill rebound. His K rate’s are right at career levels and he’s on pace to set a career high in BB%.

      The problem is he’s hitting only 8.8% linedrives after a three year rate of around 19%.

      A good portion of Hill’s HR last season were of the linedrive variety. He also hit 12 ‘just enough’ shots last season.

      My fav BABIP is Milton Bradley’s .388 in 2008. After that the he got PAID by the Cubs.

  4. says: Early

    11. Aaron Hill will set a ML record for beating out the back end of double-plays if we pro-rate him over 162 games.

  5. says: jeremy

    Do you know the timing of Romero’s wild pitches? I think he was at 13 in May so to only have 2 since then is pretty impressive. I could be wrong though…

    1. says: Kman

      You might be off by a few but the gist is correct.

      I originally had a caption for the Romero image that read: “Ricky will throw it. The question is can Buck catch it?”

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