Toronto Blue Jays Sign Adeiny Hechevarria


The Toronto Blue Jays have signed Cuban SS Adeiny Hevhevarria to a four year, $10 million contract according to various sources around the internet. That we know… and we’re not sure about the rest.

To say that the interwebs has next to nothing on Adeiny would be an understatement. I can’t even find a good photo!

Reports vary from source to source on his age, size and even his last name.


  • Februray ESPN article lists him at 19.
  • Over at Yahoo he’s listed as 20.
  • And the Miami Herald and NY Post list him as 21.
  • Size

  • ESPN lists 6 feet and 160 pounds
  • Miami Herald lists 6’1, 170 pounds
  • Name

  • ESPN and Yahoo – Adeiny Hechevarria
  • Miami Herald – Adeiny Echevarria
  • Adeiny_Hechevarria_SS.png

    Here’s a collection of various scouts drooling over Adeiny.

    Via ESPN

    “A lot of times you get guys who just left the island. Then you go see them and they can’t play,” said a scout who watched Hechevarria’s workout. “He’s legit. There’s no doubt.”

    Miami Herald

    Echevarria, with a height of six feet one inch and 170 pounds, is considered a better man on the offensive that Iglesias and has natural abilities similar to those of Alfonso Soriano.
    “If we see that Iglesias was signed for $ 7.5 million and that Echevarria has a similar level or better, one could imagine that this guy has a great future,”said a source who witnessed the demonstration in the Dominican Republic.
    According to comments from scouts and sports journalists, Echevarria has impressed with his fielding, shift all angles, range and good hitting.

    Tim Brown over at Yahoo

    Hechevarria is the best available Cuban player, according to scouts who have seen many of the high-end defectors. One called him, ”Alfonso Soriano(notes) with defense,” adding, ”He’d have been a running back at Nebraska if he’d grown up in the states. There’s not much he can’t do.”

    The Yankees privately believe he has the tools to become the heir to Derek Jeter.

    For what I gather one scout compared him to Alfonso Soriano and everyone ran with the comparison.

    Here’s the video floating around the web. Adeiny comes into the game as a replacement at 3:40 and flashes the leather around 4:55

    [youtube 6cyLwRrunT4]
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