Toronto Blue Jays Team Batting Analysis

Toronto Blue Jays Team Batting Analysis June 20th


Lets go ahead and make this a monthly update, shall we? I delve into team and individual batting numbers.

When taking a look at the Jays batting statistics one area that jumps out right away is the
low slugging percentage, an AL worst .374 rate. The OBP average is .335, just above league
average. BA/RISP is the killer, at .231 (2nd last in AL). One area of concern is that the Jays are still posting a high LD% of 20% and the BABIP of .290 isn’t as bad as one would think. The GIDP mark of 86 is killing the Jays, however the Red Sox have hit into 80.

The managerial style of Cito should become an asset to the club. Cito has a reputation as being a player’s manager with a laid back style, which is in contrast to the, let’s say moody, John Gibbons. A relaxed clubhouse is always an asset for a team pressing to score runs.

Can the bats of the run producers turn around? JP can mouth off about the Dunn’s and Glaus’ of the world but they do find a way to drive in runs. As we covered in the pre-season, Scott Rolen has lost his homerun hitting ability, becoming primarily a doubles hitter. The Jays are loaded in players that are doubles hitters in Rolen, Hill & Overbay. Matt Stairs has predictably regressed and I think the Wells of 2008 is the real deal, a .750 – .775 OPS player earning too much money.

With the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays looking like playoff contenders heading into the summer the Jays need to clean house and admit the season is over. On the shopping list should be a new first baseman with a slugging tendency, a new full-time DH and a LF. Stairs should be dealt while he retains any trade value and Adam Lind should be given a full-time gig, although JP came out with some pretty strong comments against Adam recently.

In a perfect world Rolen & Wells could be dealt. I just can’t see anyone willing to take on either salary.

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One reply on “Toronto Blue Jays Team Batting Analysis”
  1. says: Early

    JP isn’t going to trade his stars, if you were the GM of the Jays what would you propose to another team?

    Left field is the weakness. I don’t think you can move Wells without picking up a tonne of the salary unless you are taking someone else’s mozzaball contract. I you trade Rolen, you still need a thirdbaseman. Hector Luna and other Syracuse dudes won’t cut it.

    JP has said it before along the lines of, “this is the team we have, this is the team I built, this is the team I thought could win.” He was not alone on that. The Jays could have won 90 games this season, and if they did noone would be surprised.

    Changing managers can only help this team. Cito, traditionally works great with batters and if he can’t right the ship, probably noone can. If the pitching can stay on auto pilot the frustration of the hitting should be lifted. It would be inconcievable for the Jays (or any team for that matter) to go the entire season batting .220 with RISP or with the bases loaded etc all those sickening stats that you bring up.

    I predict the Jays will be an 81-85 win team.

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