Tweet Up/Meet-Up Reminder

Greetings loyal readers. We are not far away from our suarez on April 17th!  For those who don’t know, we are having a Meet-up/Tweet-up for the Jays/Angels at the Rogers Centre.  We’ve selected section 528 and I’m in row 3. So if you plan on coming, try and get tickets for that general vicinity.  More info can be found at our Facebook Event Page.  Get your tickets soon, you never know.. the box office might look like this:

If this event turns out well, we will look into setting something up for Roy Halladay’s Inevitable Return.  If it doesn’t turn out, I’ll probably just cry myself to sleep.  I hope you can make it and I look forward to seeing you there! Go Jays!

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  • MK

    Sadly Callum, I’m going to have to miss it. Hopefully there will be another one later in the season and I’ll actually have income then.

  • Your presence will be missed, MK.

  • Alain

    I’ll be sitting in Halifax watching it on TV haha maybe I’ll see the lot of you.

  • Tight PP

    Row 1 Seat 1