Two Free 2008 Season Previews

mlb free content Itunes.png is offering two free preview shows for the upcoming 2008 season. Get up to date with only a few days to go.

(I’ve checked the website for a link to the content. I can’t seem to find one. If you’ve seen one please add it to the comments section.) Anyways, using Apples Itunes program you can download two free pre-season specials, the first being a season preview and the second a fantasy baseball rundown.

This free offering is for US based Itunes accounts only, to the best of my knowledge. Both are located in the TV section and can be searched within Itunes.

The first video (the season preview) is a light touch on each team heading into 2008. The nice thing about the video itself is that it includes spring training interviews and footage from each camp, so its not just a plain old-fashioned clip show. The preview clocks in at an hour.

The second free offering is a fantasy preview. This runs 45 minutes. Even if fantasy isn’t your cup of tea, I’d recommend checking this video out just for a good update/overview heading into the regular season. What I like about this special is that, while I don’t always agree, the special brings up some interesting doubts about many players that are often unheard, such as the value of tigers players, etc.

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