Upcoming Retired Numbers in Baseball

Upcoming Retired Numbers in Baseball

Retired Numbers in Baseball 
Outside of honorary or gimme numbers such as Wade Boggs & the Devils Rays, which players have a decent shot at having their number retired?


Along the way, I thought to myself, “aren’t they eventually going to run out of numbers? After thinking on it, I came to the conclusion that free agency will put an end to most long term player/team relationships. Someone like Johan Santana is a great candidate for having his number retired with the Twins. Free agency and the risk of him bolting may now change this.

With this in mind, here’s my list.  We’ll even include such “gimmicks” as a team hall of fame, wall of fame, etc.

New York Yankees

Derek Jeter, Marino Rivera

Toronto Blue Jays

Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells

Cleveland Indians

Jim Thome

Kansas City Royals

Mike Sweeney

Seattle Mariners

Ichiro (if he resigns)

Los Angeles Angels

Garret Anderson

Atlanta Braves

Minimum 3 of 5 : John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Andrew Jones, Chipper Jones

Houston Astros

Craig Biggio

Arizona Diamondbacks

Randy Johnson

San Francisco Giants

Barry Bonds
I must have missed a few, so chime in with whom else is in line for a retired number.

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10 replies on “Upcoming Retired Numbers in Baseball”
  1. says: Kman

    Yeah, probably. I’m trying to not get all “go Indians go”. All his GG + the fans love him should give him a shot.

  2. says: daperman

    Garrett Anderson ???

    Mike Sweeny might as well be called Mike Royal. Could have gone elsewhere but stayed in KC. He has a good chance.

  3. says: JStape

    Garrett Anderson, Johan Santana… huh?

    Edgar Martinez for the Mariners (plus Griffey Jr after he makes his return to Seattle and Ichiro after his long career is over).
    Todd Helton for the Rockies.
    Rickey Henderson for the A’s.
    Barry Bonds for the Giants (Jeff Kent also has a good chance of getting into the Hall of Fame as a Giant so therefore may also have his number retired in SF. I know it sucks.)
    Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell for the Astros.
    Trevor Hoffman for the Padres.
    Vince Scully for the Dodgers.
    Derek Jeter and Rodger Clemens for the Yankees.
    Omar Vizquel for the Indians.

    The D-Backs (Randy Johnson?), Devil Rays(Boggs), Marlins and Nationals are too young to tell who will have their numbers retired.

    Roberto Clemente throughout all of Baseball.

  4. says: John

    Curt Schilling Phillies.. probably Redsoxs too
    Jim Thome Indians
    Sammy Sosa Cubs
    Mike Piazza Dodgers boo…/Mets
    Frank Thomas White Soxs

    As a giants fan, it cringes me to say.
    Tom Glavine Braves
    John Smoltz Braves

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