Wacky Playoff Predictions

Wacky Playoff Predictions

I can’t predict this stuff…

Kman Predicitions

Forget doing the pretty write up with reasoning. When it comes to the playoffs, it’s a crap shoot. Therefore;

Tribe over Red Sox in 6

(Like the top 2, plus the O in Cleveland)

DBacks over Rockies in 6

(I think the wait between series will cool of the Rockies)

Coin Flip (2/3, home team heads)

Boston wins 2 out of 2 tosses

Arizona wins 2 out of 2 tosses (hey, four heads in a row!)

Statistical Soup, Six Point Max:

(1 point each for Most Runs Scored, Fewest Runs Allowed, Run Differential, Best Road Record, Defensive Efficiency Leader, Season Series Winner)

Boston: 6

Cleveland: 0

Colorado: 4

Arizona: 2

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  1. says: Early

    I like statistcal soup. It exposes how stong Red Sox are and how weak DBacks were. Zona was only 0.5 games ahead of the Rox in the regular season.

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