Wacky Roy Halladay Stats


So much for conventional wisdom.

After Roy was sent to the NL anyone and everyone (present company included) assumed Halladay would gain extra statistical studliness from pitching to pitchers instead of AL DH’s.

Warning: Super small sample on all of these stats. Still pretty wacky after six starts.

Halladay Splits

vs Pitchers: .200 batting average, .400 OPS (only 7 PA)
vs Non-Pitchers: .221 batting average, .557 OPS

Roy Halladay vs Batting Order Positions (non pitchers)

#1 & #2: .174 batting average, .348 OPS
#3 – #6: .235 batting average, .604 OPS
#7 – #9: .240 batting average, .655 OPS

Halladay is having a tougher time with the back-half of batting orders. Amazing.

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