When Will IP Become An Issue?


The Toronto Blue Jays are rocking and rolling. If they continue to play well into the mid-summer will the team stick to “the plan” or lengthen out some members of the starting staff?

* General Assumption of 32 starts per season, which is right around the average front of the rotation starters (without injury)

Rickey Romero
56.1 IP in 8 starts
2010 Pace = 234 IP
Previous Career High = 178

Shaun Marcum
62 IP in 9 starts
2010 Pace = 220.1
Previous Career High = 159.1

Brandon Morrow
41 IP in 8 starts
2010 Pace = 164
Previous Career High = 69.2

At what point will the Jays begin skipping starts for these three pitchers?

With the depth in the upper tiers of the system (Mills, Rzep when healthy, etc) and numerous back of the rotation and swing-men available (Tallet, Eveland and even Jansseen) the Jays should be able to give Romero and Marcum an extra’s days rest here or there without seriously hampering the clubs chances to win ball games.

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