Who is the Jays Fourth Most Valuable Player?

Who is the Jays Fourth Most Valuable Player?


As I was thinking over the Jays upcoming 2009 roster today that question popped into my head. Clearly the Jays big three would have to be Halladay, Rios & Wells.

Who would be the #4 ranked Toronto Blue Jays? Let’s set a quick rule and turn the question into who will be the #4 Jay in terms of 2009 production? Clearly players such as Cecil and Snider would be high on the Jays overall organizational depth chart due to their project-ability and trade value. While most likely solid contributors I do doubt that either of these two will be the #4 production based Jay in 2009.

That leaves us with a plethora of positional players (Lind, Hill, Rolen, Overbay), some rotational pitchers (Litsch, Purcey, Jansenn) and a number of the solid bullpen arms (Ryan, Accardo, Downs, etc).

Who would you choose?

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  • Dare I say it: Marco Scooooooootaro?

    OK, for real: Scott Downs.

    Downs never gets enough love. He is all that is man.

  • Andy Mc

    Hill. Then Downs and Russ Adams. Joking on Adams. Ha ha.

  • Ian

    If I had to pick the Jays #4 player for the next few years, I would say Aaron Hill. But if I had to pick a #4 for the 2009 season, then I would pick Scott Rolen. I really hope he lights it up this year.