Who Knew Josh Towers Was a Party Guy?

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“Understanding when I can have a drink, an alcoholic beverage, and how it affects my body,” Towers said.
“Sleep, what it means to my body and myself. And staying away from fast food, which is something I really liked. Now I’m understanding a lot more how important it is to understand my body.”

“I feel like I have grown up a lot; I feel like I have more respect and responsibility for what I do,” said Towers.

Josh Towers

Frank Thomas Josh Towers

Josh Towers

Josh Towers

Josh Towers

Josh Towers

Josh Towers

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  • LJ

    Why do plastic surgeons insist on leaving a giant 5-inch gap between breast implants?

  • There are all sorts of different techniques to perform breast augmentation. It looks like Josh’s wife chose the one where the implants go in through an incision near the armpits. No joke, they do that. It is called the “Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Technique.”


  • guy caballero

    Nice sweater, Frank.

  • Callum, you have certainly impressed me with your knowledge of breast augmentation.

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