Worst Uniforms : Chicago White Sox Shorts 1976

Worst Uniforms: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Chicago White Sox Shorts 1976 : Stuble Included

We wear short shorts! This was the battle cry ”I think” that reverberated through old Chomisky Park on August 8th, 1976.

The uniform was bad on so many levels. The top half (which was the regular uniform that season) sports super high sleeves that can only topped by the disco days fanned out collar. Now onto the infamous shorts. The shorts themselves could almost be classified as hip huggers, and the socks are school girl sexy!

The ill-fated shorts wereonly used once, during the first half of a double header on August 8th, 1976. Opposing Kansas City Royal John Mayberry exclaimed “You guys are the sweetest team we’ve seen yet.” Oddly, the Sox won the game 5 – 2, with four steals. I’ll assume at least one of the stolen bases resulted in a short first slide! For the second game, they switched back to regular pants. The results? A 7 – 1 beating by the Royals. In-fact, after ditching the lucky shorts, the White Sox had a 24 – 37 record for the rest of the season.

Here’s another shot of greatness.

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