Would Marcum Even Get Drafted in 2010?


Don’t get me wrong. I love Shaun Marcum. But I still wonder, if Shaun Marcum where a three year college player entering the 2010 draft, would he even be a high pick?

Leading off in 2010

Marcum’s fastball clocks in at an average of 87 MPH. This is the fourth slowest speed from a starter in the AL (100+ IP) and the second lowest from a RH starter.

According to Fan Graph pitch values Marcum uses his fastball as a loss leader, it’s score (which is negative) ranks 36th out of 39 AL starters.

On the other hand his change-up registers +17 runs, making it one of the top 10 pitches overall in the AL (starters only) and the second best non-fastball pitch outside of Francisco Liriano’s slider.

All things considering Marcum’s 7.5 K/9 with an 87 MPH fastball is extremely impressive.

But back to the title of the article. Would Marcum get drafted in 2010?


Most organizations and scouting services make up a sheet including:

  • Present
  • Future
  • Low (MPH)
  • High (MPH)
  • (within the standard range of 20 – 80)
  • Typically the following pitch and command types are scored (although they can vary from team to team, scout to scout, etc):

  • Fastball
  • FB Movement
  • Curve/Slider/Change, other pitches
  • Overall Control
  • Command
  • Poise
  • Baseball Instinct
  • I think it would be safe to say that Marcum’s fastball score (present/future) would be grade out at around a 40/45 at best, with a low of 85 MPH and a high of 89, maybe 90.

    His other grades would be strong, as he displays very good command, control, has strong poise and baseball instinct, not to mention a change-up that would score at minimum 60+, maybe even at 70.

    Draft Time

    Clearly Marcum can pitch and pitch well at the MLB level. But scouts, teams and pundits love the radar gun.

    With such a low fastball grade from a righty, where do you think Marcum would go in the 2010 MLB Draft?

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    7 replies on “Would Marcum Even Get Drafted in 2010?”
    1. says: Graham

      I think a crafty scouting department might have Marcum on their sights and draft him somewhere between rounds 5-7. That being said, every blogger and form junkie will look only at the numbers and criticize the pick and point to the less than sexy fastball and promptly call it a wasted pick and tell the world he will amount to nothing.

    2. says: Roll Fizzlebeef

      I say he goes pretty high. At least 5th round, and that’s only if his “inverted W” motion scares off people from taking him higher.

      Even as a junior in college, there is still a bit of a window to try and get his fastball up a couple of notches, but even if it doesn’t you get an amazing change-up and a couple of other really solid pitches in his cutter/slider and curve.

      He’d be one of the those picks that every pundit and scout will be watching to see which team flinches first on, for sure.

    3. says: N/A

      Knowing that Marcum was a ss/closer during his most successful collegiate days, in which his fastball was at 92 consistantly(94 at times) as a closer was a good indication in why he was as high a pick then as he was, in regards to the question as where he would fit as a 2010 draft… understanding that he does have a live arm, and considering his roll as a pitcher, that as a starter, his fastball carrys enough life despite the radar readings. coupled with the plus change up and well above average cutter and breaking pitch… he commands the strike zone with 3 even 4 pitches. The most weight Marcum carrys, would be his presence on the mound. A fierce competitor who knows how to pitch. I would have no problem slotting him 3rd-5th round.

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