WTF Romero sent down to AAA??

WTF Romero sent down to AAA??


From the National Post

Two weeks ago, he said reliever Brian Tallet and rookies Brett Cecil and Robert Ray were “holding the fort” until Janssen, Romero and Litsch recovered from injuries. But all three substitutes have pitched well enough to keep their jobs, he said Friday.

Traditionally, a player who goes down with an injury gets his job back when he his healthy. “We’re breaking tradition,” Ricciardi said.

So Janssen and Romero are officially stuck in the minors until further notice. They are off the disabled list and on options to the minor leagues.

Technically not sent down to AAA but the end result is the same. Re-activited starter Ricky Romero is going back down to Vegas while Robert Ray stays up with the big club. WTF?

Frankly I’m getting tired of all of these mixed signals. J.P. is like a hot date that’ll tease you all night long.

Is this a money move? Earlier in the year the Jays allowed Romero into the rotation because they didn’t have a problem starting in arbitration clock. Now that he looks good he’s sent back down? I can’t see any other reason for this than future cost savings. Fine and dandy in most cases but we’re now in a legitimate playoff race.

Hey J.P., shit or get off the pot. We’re either in a playoff race and need our big guns up in the majors OR you’re into a 2010-2011 run and trying to limit MLB service time. Get off the damn fence already.

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4 replies on “WTF Romero sent down to AAA??”
  1. says: Callum

    There are quality arms coming out of the woodwork. Down in AAA, Fabio Castro is 2-0 with a 1.03 ERA which is even more impressive when you take into account that it is the PCL coupled with Las Vegas’ sloppy D.

    I think you’ll see Romero and Janssen up soon, it is just that if Romero took Ray’s place in the rotation he would have been pitching on short rest.

  2. says: Alain

    I don’t think JP deserves any props, this is micro managing against what is supposed to happen. Jansen I can see its a been a long time since he has suited up, but Romero was here and when he was he nailed it.

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