Youtube Tribute to the Montreal Expos

Montreal Expos

Ah, the good old days when Canada had two major league baseball teams.

Remember (A Tribute to the Montreal Expos) by Annakin Slayd ft. Rachelle Houde

[youtube bFX92ALqxlk]

The Final Tribute To The Montreal Expos (scoreboard footage from the Big O after the final out in Montreal MLB baseball history)

[youtube 2Eib_m1bzFA]

And finally the great Bill Lee:

Who killed the Montreal Expos?

[youtube tRbwUnXDT5U]


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One reply on “Youtube Tribute to the Montreal Expos”
  1. says: Eric

    It’s to bad the Expos couldn’t draw the fans anymore. I live in Montreal and grew up watching Pedro Martinez and Vladimir Guerrero. Despite the financial woes the Expos we’re a lot more competitive in their last days finishing close to .500 while the Nationals are really struggling to field a competitive club. Washington may finally have their team but it will be 30 years before they could match the success of the expos!

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