Update: 2014 Blue Jays Middle of the Pack According to Pre-Season Odds

Have the Jays done enough this off-season? The smart money says they have not.

Update found at the bottom of the article

Below are pre-season odds for the 2014 World Series via Bodog.

Note: After last years off-season flurry of transactions, the Jays ranked 6th overall. 

Team Odds to win the 2014 World Series Odds to Win 2014 WS
Los Angeles Dodgers 7.00 
Detroit Tigers 9.50 
Washington Nationals 11.00 
Boston Red Sox 13.00 
St. Louis Cardinals 13.00 
New York Yankees 15.00 
Texas Rangers 15.00 
Los Angeles Angels 17.00 
Atlanta Braves 19.00 
Cincinnati Reds 19.00 
Oakland Athletics 19.00 
San Francisco Giants 19.00 
Seattle Mariners 21.00 
Tampa Bay Rays 23.00 
Pittsburgh Pirates 26.00 

Toronto Blue Jays


Baltimore Orioles 34.00 
Chicago Cubs 34.00 
Cleveland Indians 34.00 
Kansas City Royals 34.00 
Philadelphia Phillies 34.00 
Arizona Diamondbacks 41.00 
Chicago White Sox 41.00 
Milwaukee Brewers 51.00 
San Diego Padres 51.00 
Colorado Rockies 67.00 
New York Mets 67.00 
Minnesota Twins 76.00 
Miami Marlins 101.00 
Houston Astros 201.00 

As we can see, Toronto is now considered a middle of the pack team, ranking 16th, just behind the Pirates and in-front of the Orioles. Eight AL teams rank ahead of Toronto, including three from the AL East (Boston/NY/Tampa).


Personally, I have a hard time arguing with the above odds. Sure, the Jays will (well, hopefully) receive a full season  of Jose Reyes. Many also expect R.A. Dickey to bounce back and put together a full year of productivity. Yet, wild cards exist such as a thin rotation, an aging Buehrle, and X-factor players such as Rasmus, Lawrie & Morrow. And Jays play in the AL East, baseball’s toughest division.


As I talked about earlier in the off-season, the key to the Jays success is finding a way to win against the AL East. They haven’t been able to do since Anthopoulus took over (.511 winning % outside of East, .449% within the division). Will they find a way to turn things around in 2014?

Of course, this is all just mere speculation heading into the 2014 season. We can bring out as many projection systems as we want, but as last seasons Jays pre-season odds indicate, we’re all just making educated guesses.

The highs of the 2013 off-season, the lows from this year; maybe the truth is somewhere in-between.

What do you think of the pre-season odds? Do you see any teams that the Jays should be ahead of or behind from the above list?

UPDATE – Feb 28th

The Bodog lines, which move back and forth depending on incoming bets, have recently been updated.

The Jays see their odds drop, from the previously mentioned 29 to a current 33/1.

Despite two high profile free agent moves, the Orioles only edged up a hair, from 34/1 to 33/1.

The three remaining AL East teams (Rays, Sox, Yanks) are all coming in at 12/1.

Sources: Odds via Bodog, Image via Google Images

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