500 HR Club Update

500 HR Club Update

Back on January 3rd we wrote an article titled: Four New Members of the 500 HR Club in 2007. Long title, eh? You guessed it, update time.

Note: Rank based on closest to 500 HR

Frank Thomas – 487

From a distance, his 2007 stats seem acceptable (not $10 million accpetable but acceptable none the less). The Big Hurt has hit 21 HR, knocked in 79 & walked 69 times. But he’s only scored 53 runs (32 non HR runs) and is the definition of clong on the basepaths. His long term contract should help him out, and he may have a shot at 550 before it’s all said and done.

Jim Thome – 472

Injuries are the name of the game for Thome, as he’s missed over 35 games again this season. Outside of that, he’s quietly having a good season, as he ranks 8th in AL OPS & 4th in walks. On the long ball side, he’s hit 495 and will have a legitimate run at 500 before the season’s out.

Manny Rameriz – 470

2007 has not the greatest of season’s for Rameriz, he sits at 490 and will need one hell of a month to get up to 500. His slugging is down considerably this season (about .100 below his career average), yet he’s still servicable and should continue reach 500 in the first month of the 2008 season.

A-Rod – 464

Skipping the usual A-Rod jokes & rants, he’s having his best season in the pinstripes and the best overall power season in the AL since Jim Thome’s monster 2002 season (.445 OBP, .677 SLG). A definate threat to Bonds if he remains injury free, on and off the field.

Looking ahead to 2008

In 2008 we’re pretty much guarnteed Manny. Outside of that Gary Sheffield is the only other player with a legitimate shot. Sheff is sitting at 479 (although you never know what’s going to happen to him on the injury front). Carlos Delgado has slowed this season and currently has 426 HR. A couple of strong years could give Carlos a shot at the 500 club in late 2009/early 2010, although the possiblity exists that he may go the way of the crime dog, Fred McGriff (494 career HR).

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