Bats: R

Throws: R

Born: Toronto Resides: Barrie

Major-League Comparison to Little League Career: Eddie Matthews

Favourite Team: Jays

Player I would pay money to see bat (current): David Ortiz

Best Game Attended In Person: First Ever Jays loss, 2nd game in 1977

Baseball Book: You’re out and You’re Ugly – Derwood Merrill

Favourite Play in Baseball: One-hop throw to catcher from OF for play at plate, the slide, and the umps call

Favourite Ballpark: SkyDome

Fav player Past: Mack Jones of Braves and Expos and Toronto Maple Leaf Fame.

Why you had to retire from your proffessional baseball career: Cut as catcher from High Park 1960 Little League World Series Team when they brought in a ringer that could hit home runs.

Baseball Topics of Interest: Rules and Umpires

Fav Baseball Movie: Major League

Nerdy baseball obsession/hobby: Rewrote the Softball Canada Rule book. MLB should follow my lead.

Most treasured baseball related possesion: Two Baseball signed by fellow umpires from Canadian Championship 2002, 2004

Player I never saw play I wish I had seen: Cap Anson

Game I never saw I wish I had seen: 1960 WS Game 7 – Bill Mazeroski

First ML game: 1969 Phillies at Expos.

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