Akinori Iwamura

Akinori Iwamura

Akinori Iwamura 

Here’s a few quick facts on Akinori Iwamura:

• Has a career slugging percentage over .500
• Supposedly can play 2nd, SS, or 3rd
• 30+ HR in each of the last three seasons
• 27 Years old

As with any Japanese player, the jury is out on his performance. The main question that I have with the Rays talking with Iwamura is where will he play?




Here’s the Rays current infield alignment;

2nd: Cantu
SS: Ben Zobrist
3rd: BJ Upton

Here’s my take on the Rays 2008 lineup, excluding Iwamura;

2nd: BJ Upton
SS: Reid Brignac
3rd: Evan Longoria
I’m assuming that Iwamura is going to look for at least a four year deal, with six years being the most likely. All of the Rays in my 2008 projected lineup have the chance to be stars in the majors. The Rays are not in the position to compete for a playoff spot in 2007. I also found that when I visited Tampa earlier this year, that there was not a large Asian population, so let’s rule that out.

So why did the Rays bid to aquire Iwamura?  

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  • I’ve heard talks of them shipping off Upton to make room for him, but I’ve only heard rumors, nothing that seems concrete.

  • Wow, I haven’t heard those but maybe there out there. I can’t see them getting fair value for Upton but he’d probably have the highest trade value of any of my predicted 2008 Rays lineup.