AL & NL Predictions

AL & NL Predictions


With the remaining available free agents inconsequential (save Roger Clemens), I feel now I am able to throw down some standings predictions. Let’s get to it.



AL East:

New York
Tampa Bay

-Of course, if Roger Clemens lands in this division and if he plays a full or shortened season, it could definitely shake up this division.  Boston’s closing situation is suspect but this division is going to be a dogfight. Speaking of dogfights….


AL Central:

Kansas City

-To me, this is going to be the most competitive division in baseball.  I like what Cleveland has done this offseason and don’t think Detroit can keep Cleveland down, despite adding the Sheff.


AL West:

Los Angeles

-As I said before in the bandwagon article, Los Angeles is going to come out on top this division. I don’t know how Oakland has done it these past few seasons with a bunch of spare parts and I think they regress this year in a big way.  Sosa will be a bust in Texas.  Bill Bavasi is a living joke in Seattle.
Wild Card: Toronto




NL East:

New York

-I think Philadelphia will slightly edge out NY due to NY’s uncertain pitching situation.  David Wright had a dreadful second half but I do like that Reyes kid.  Florida is one to watch with all of the rooks having a full season to play with each other and get accustomed to the league.


NL Central:

St. Louis

-This might be the weak division in baseball. It is a toss up between the Cubbies and Cardinals, but I will go with the proven Cardinals and it is hard to bet against a team that has super stud Pujols.  I think the Brewers will surprise this year but I have been saying that every year since Yount and Gantner so take that for what it’s worth.  If the Astros don’t resign Clemens, Cincinnatti might overtake them who knows, but I expect Lidge to regain his form.  Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh, what can you say but sorry Pirates fans.


NL West:

San Diego
Los Angeles
San Francisco

-It is going to be tight between the Dodgers and Padres, but I like that Padres Young infield and they have a solid rotation with my boy Peavy ready to destroy all comers.  The Dodgers rotation is stellar and they have a great bullpen too. Pitching and defense win championships as they say. Anyway, after that it is a little murky. Arizona has some young kids that can do some things and Randy Johnson should do better in the NL.  The Giants have a nice rotation surrounded by a bunch of broken down old men. Don’t expect too much from Colorado.

Wild Card: Los Angeles


So those are my picks. Where did I go wrong? What are yours?



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6 replies on “AL & NL Predictions”
  1. says: Kman

    Love the Cleveland respect. They improved across the board in the off-season.

    Can’t see the Jays out pacing the Red Sox. I simply like the Sox rotation better (in terms of depth).

    I’d love to count out the Twins. Every year is the year that they’ve slipped, but they always surprise, no matter what obstaciles, who’s left etc.

    NL picks are pretty sane. I can see Atlanta pushing for the NL East. Wthe old pythagorean record they were one of the better teams last season, and it was only the blown saves that cost them the wild card. I think this has been addressed, so they should grab the division or wild card.

    I’m expecting a big year from the Brewers. Everyone’s fav team last season, I think they’ll be better even without Lee, as Weeks, Fielder will have another year under their belts. Ahead of the Cubs but probably no playoff spot.

    All in all, good selections. Early, what do you see?

  2. says: Callum

    Admittedly the Jays rotation is weak in terms of depth but I don’t feel it is that far below the Sox. Beckett had a subpar season last year, both he and Schilling are injury risks, as is Clement and Papelbon…..but so is pretty much the whole Jays rotation. Matsuzaka is an unproven commodity, and you said he has a flat/straight fastball so let’s see how badly he gets pounded by the big bats the Jays possess. To me, Boston’s infield looks weak and Hinske is going to lose them 1-2 games in RF alone. Piniero/Hansack closing could be a problem and I like Toronto’s offense much better.

  3. says: Early

    I agree with Kman here. However, I think there will be more parity amongst the AL East this year but I still think that the 3 strong East teams are >95 wins and worse than the 3 (or 4) stong central teams all 85 wins taking it again. So that leaves most teams (maybe not Pitts and I dont think the Cards) in the running – Go Brew Crew. SD will win the NL West. They will rack up huge win totals against the West but struggle against the other divs. Same with LA. I see two NL West teams going to the playoffs only for the reason they are going to beat the Hell out of Col and SF.

  4. says: Early

    Comments are misbehaving. AL Cent 95-100 wins (3 teams) AL East 90-95 wins. This would mean that the 2nd best in AL East would be a 4th place team in the Cent. Twins are going to fall off the pace due to the fact that the Pen won’t be able to match its performance from last year. Expect 90 wins from the Twins. Angels should have AL West in the bag by Labour Day.

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