The All Time Jays Team


Yesterday Jays broadcaster Jamie Campbell put together his all time favourite Jays list. While not a bad list, I happen to disagree on a few selections. Obviously leaving Kelly Gruber off the list for 3B is at best a slap in the face and, let me be frank, at worst an atrocity.  Let me now present to you my all time favourite Jays team.

1. Roy Halladay 
2. Dave Stieb
3. Roger Clemens – the most dominant pitching seasons ever turned in by a Jay
4. Pat Hentgen
5. Jimmy Key

Jim Clancy-The first Jays starter to have a real sniff at success if I recall correctly
John Cerrutti
Doyle Alexander
Mike Flanagan – He was the epitome of the crafty lefthanded pitcher
Todd Stottlemyre -I loved his bloodied up chin from his headfirst slide in the World Series

Duane Ward

Jim Acker – When his sinker was on, it was one of the best in baseball., did he ever give up a lot of homeruns in retrospect.
Mark Eichhorn – I loved, absolutely loved his funky sidearm delivery as a kid growing up

Tom Henke – The Terminator had a 10.295k/9IP rate. Amazing.

Billy Koch – I liked the cut of his jib. And 100mph fastball.
BJ Ryan

Carlos Delgado

Fred McGriff

Roberto Alomar: You were expecting Joe Lawrence?

Orlando Hudson – The O-Dog can pick it!!!

Kelly Gruber – you are kidding me if you think anyone else belongs here

Rance “Tight Pants” Mullinks

Tony Fernandez

Alfredo Griffin

Ernie Whitt

Pat Borders
Gregg Zaun
Rick Leach
Charlie O’Brien
Darrin Fletcher
Greg Myers
Ken Huckaby – for what he did to Jeter

(I like me some Jays catchers) 

Jorge Bell – best Rule V pick ever?

Joe Carter

Devon White – As my Dad always says, he was as fast as greased lightning.

Lloyd “Shaker” Moseby

Jesse Barfield – Huge cannon! (That’s what she said)

Shawn Green
Junior Felix

Paul Molitor

Candido Maldonado

Coaching Staff:

Bobby Mattick, Brian Butterfield, Al Widmar, Brad Arnsberg, Mel Queen, Cito Gaston (as hitting coach)

The Jays!

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14 replies on “The All Time Jays Team”
  1. says: Kman

    Can’t argue with too many. Maybe Speier as all-time releiver (eh, Early?).

    Not too many current Jays. Is White better than Wells? (and if so, what would White’s contract be worth?)

  2. says: RC

    No Dave Winfield and No Phil Niekro? I thought being in the hall of fame and killing shithawks were good things… Where is the Jack Morris love?

  3. says: Early

    Good article. Flanagan was a starter. And leaving Grube off the team makes Campbell’s list barely worth dignifing with a response.
    Can’t argue with too much here either. My sentimental favs were all those mid 80s Jays, even if they sucked I loved them. My three outfielders are Wells, Bell and Carter. My releiver is probably Quantrill but Eichorn had some solid years – missed qualifying for ROY by a hair of some sort in ’86. I might even put Ward ahead of Henke or Quant but he played both so he stays out. Look at the ’85 releivers, Tom Filer and Dennis Lamp (18-0 combined) had spectacular seasons from the pen and are often (meaning always) over looked in any mention of Jays history.

  4. says: Callum

    Devo played in Toronto for 5 years and racked up 5 GG because he is a defensive superstar and I love him for it. Offensively he isn’t the same player Wells is, but I still like him due to the warm and fuzzies I get when i think about him.

    No Winfield respeck, no Niekro respeck. Jack Morris is good, doesn’t make my top 5 but he is still a stud. It is either Morris or Hentgen for me. Both had money handlebar moustaches so it makes for an even more difficult decision.

  5. says: Early

    Winfield played one year, Clemens two and they were solid years, but for the short stints have to leave them off all-time team. Neikro, Viola (was Righetti a Jay) played in a handful of games and can’t be included by me.

  6. says: Callum

    Now that I look at this and it is 3 years later, it might be a time to revisit the Devo/Vernon Wells question. Is he better than Wells? Is Wells’ contract, 3 years later, really indicative of his worth?

  7. says: Field Marshall Mike

    Mike Flanagan as a sentimental pick? The guy who gave up the longest home run in Jays history to Jose Canseco? Senor Steroids parked that batting practice fastball in the fifth deck at Skydome. Flanagan should have killed himself then.

  8. says: Shrike

    SS Tony Fernandez

    2B Roberto Alomar

    RF Jose Bautista

    1B Carlos Delgado

    DH Paul Molitor

    LF George Bell

    CF Vernon Wells

    3B Kelly Gruber

    C Ernie Whitt

    Bench: CF Devon White

    OF/1B Joe Carter

    IF Alfredo Griffin

    C Pat Borders

    Starting 5:

    Roy Halladay

    Roger Clemens

    Dave Stieb

    Pat Hentgen

    Jimmy Key


    Tom Henke (closer)

    Duane Ward (setup)

    BJ Ryan (closer)

    Mark Eichhorn

    Scott Downs (setup)

    Todd Stottlemyre (long relief/spot starter)

    Jim Clancy (long relief/spot starter)

    Unless that team is playing against other all-time great teams that’s about a 120 win team!

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