All You Can Eat Baseball


Apparently, the right field pavillion at Dodger Stadium will now be turned into an all you can eat section.


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The Los Angeles Dodgers are converting their right-field pavilion into all-you-can-eat bleachers. Takers will have access to as many hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, nachos and soft drinks as they want.

“Instead of paying cash, fans ask for whatever they want, and they get it. There are going to be some self-service parts, buffet-style, as well,” said Dodgers executive vice president and chief operating officer Marty Greenspun.

Around 3,000 seats right-field seats will be sold for $35 in advance and $40 on game day with the all-you-can-eat special.

Left-field tickets, meanwhile, will sell for $10.

There are limitations. The food booths open 90 minutes before games and close two hours after it begins. And if someone asks for 100 Dodger Dogs, that won’t fly.

“If a person goes up there and asks for four for his family, he won’t be told no,” said Camille Johnston, the Dodgers senior vice president of communications.

All-you-can-eat isn’t exactly the most health-conscious concept these days, but as Greenspun put it: “We’re offering a fan amenity. Fans can elect to choose it or not choose it. We are offering basic ballpark fare that most fans enjoy.”

Besides, the most fattening foods — beer, ice cream and candy — aren’t part of the package. They will be sold at regular ballpark prices.


Personally I think that this is a great idea and one that should definitely be adopted by the Blue Jays in Toronto. For years the Jays’ management has been griping that they have been unable to have control of anything to do with the SkyDome, and since purchasing the Dome and turning it into the Rogers Centre the Mgmt now has the freedom to do whatever it wants.  Toronto sports fans respond well to gimmicky promotions and for the Jays to generate interest in their up and coming baseball team, they need to somehow lure fickle Toronto fans to see the game first before they realize how good a time it is and this is just the thing.

Instead of selling the 500 level seats for $2, sell them for $30 with the all you can eat special. Incorporate theme nights into the all you can eat nights, like all you can eat Sushi on Japanese day.  It would encourage families to come out to the park because instead of putting up with junior whining for this and that, you can just go and get whatever they want and as much as they want and not have to worry about it.



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5 replies on “All You Can Eat Baseball”
  1. says: Kman

    The Jays are offering their 500 season pass right now. 81 games for $95. For a family, it would be cheaper to get that pass and spend $30 a person on food than using the Dodger $35 – $40 model.

    Toronto baseball fans are fair weather fans. They want to see wins and that’s about it. And I’m not talking about a .500 club, I’m talking playoff contending good. Outside of that, the Red Sox & Yankees are about the only thing that draws. For all of JP’s yap, the Jays were still in the bottom half in MLB attendence in 2006.

  2. says: early

    All you can eat is not a family promotion. A 6 yr old cannot get any value from a gimmick like that. Cheaper to buy a $10 seat and a $5 dog. All you can eat is for the college/20 somethings, and it is them that stay away because of ‘value’ not that they don’t like baseball.

    I think that other cities with fairweather fans like Cleveland and Pittsburgh should have buffet nights.

  3. says: Kman

    Hey now. I agree, Cleveland & Pittsburgh are also of the fair weather variety. But for King JP to claim that Jays are anything but is a lie.

    Good call on the kid not getting value from the gimmick. They need to include beer into the promotion.

  4. says: Kman

    My last comment reminded me of the Erie Seawolves weekly deal (Thursday I think);

    Hot Dogs $1
    Peanunts $1
    Beer (including Sam Adams) $1

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