Best 2006 Free Agent Signings – Scott Williamson

Scott Williamson – Baltimore Orioles



1 year, $900,000





After a stellar rookie season in 1999 (12 wins, 19 saves, 2.41 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, 107 K in 93.1 IP) the Reds had the bright idea of shifting Scott to a starters role at the end of the 2000 season. Williamson went on to throw 0.2 IP in 2001.

This was the start of a career plagued with arm injuries. After returning to a bullpen role, Williamson had success up until the end of 2004. The past two seasons have been poor, with ERA’s over 5.65 in each season. His career line includes a 3.32 ERA, a 1.29 WHIP, and 494 K in 425 IP.



So, why do I like this deal?


With starting pitchers getting $8+ million, regardless of production, a $900,000 gamble isn’t too far fetched. Williamson still has his stuff, with 42 K in 39.1 IP in 2006. But his control has gone south (22 BB) of late. I’m not the biggest Leo Mazzone backer, but the possibility remains that the change of scenery could help Scott regain his past form. He’s still only 30 years old. Of course, he could flame out again as well. But at $900,000 in today’s market, this deal represents one of the off-seasons better risk/reward contracts.

Scott Williamson

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