Billy Koch Loses His Cool


..and not in the 9th inning of a save situation.

Former Toronto Blue Jays closer Billy Koch was arrested about a month ago on criminal mischief and battery charges after getting into a wild incident with his neighbor in Florida. 48-year-old Luis Camacho “pushed” Koch’s stepson in the street of their residential area at 2:00 a.m., at which point Koch’s wife “came running out of the house, screaming and spitting at him.” Koch followed her, and that’s when things got heated.


The altercation began near the Koch residence and moved to Camacho’s driveway nearby as Camacho and his son retreated. According to statements by the Koches, Camacho and several witnesses, Camacho grabbed a bat to defend himself and when it was taken away, grabbed a spade shovel. Camacho pushed Brandi Koch to the ground and swung at Billy Koch while his son lowered their garage door. Billy Koch landed a punch on Camacho, splitting his lip, the report shows. The injury required seven stitches.

Billy Koch stopped the garage door from closing one time by striking it with the bat. As the door lowered the second time, Koch turned and began hitting a car that belonged to Melvin Habrat. Based on witness statements and evidence at the scene, it was determined the Koches were the primary aggressors while Camacho responded in self-defense, the report shows. “My son was there and that really bothers me,” Camacho said. “It’s bad enough I swung a bat and hit him [Koch] with a shovel. It still just bothers me.”

Koch has the fifth-most saves in baseball history through the age of 27 and last pitched at the age of 29. Koch’s behaviour has always been suspect.  Following the 2004 season he was signed to a 1-year contract by his original team, the Toronto Blue Jays. He was released by the team during Spring Training after sporting a 15.00 ERA.  When asked if he would join another team, therefore negating the Jays contract, Billy simply replied “Nope”. He later went on to add that, “I’m going to make the Toronto Blue Jays pay every cent of my salary. They can pay my gas money for my car, they can pay to fill up my 240-gallon tank for my 30-foot Pursuit, they can gas up my jet boat and our three jet skis.”

During Toronto’s 2nd game of the season at Tampa Bay, a red-eyed Billy Koch showed up at the game wearing a replica jersey of Aubrey Huff, at the time a Devil Rays player. Koch joked with the Toronto Bullpen, heckling the Blue Jays and calling one of the pitchers a “bum”. He also held up a sign that said “Go Devil Rays.”

Koch was quick to point out it was nothing personal.  “Nothing against the city of Toronto or Jays fans,” Koch said. “I love the city and the fans treated me well.”

For more on Koch, have a look at our Billy Koch Bio.

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  1. says: Mattt

    Other than his brief ability to throw a baseball, this guy seems to not have any other redeeming qualities…

  2. says: Gregg Raptelis

    You are the man and anyone who would put thier hands on my wife is not a man and deserves the beating. If it were me he would have gotten a lot worse.

  3. says: allena

    Hey Billy this is Allena Gregg’s old girlfriend from about 10yrs ago I heard all the bad stuff he did to you and your family that is horrible I would love to get into contact with you to see how you and Brandi are doing.

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