Confessions of a Jays Fan

“Now, everynight, I mutter the mantra of the single woman: ‘Go Jays, Go Jays, Go Jays Go!'”

Back in the early 1990’s there was a very popular comedy troupe in Canada known as “The Kids in the Hall.”

They had their own show on CBC and one of their most memorable skits was the office receptionist who had a secret Blue Jays obsession. The line of the skit is undoubtedly: “my favourite of all of them, Kelly Gruber – you know, blond hair, dignified adam’s apple, big bat…”

Does this bring back any memories? How many of you out there can apply the confession below to this year’s crop of Jays… or should I say… “The Boys”?

Slumps may come and slumps may go but you gotta show up and give 110%!

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