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Keith Law Quote (Bold Added)

Toronto had another questionable selection in John Buck, who’s hitting .270/.306/.509 in a great home run park

Rogers Centre HR Park Factors for 2010 (as of July 4th)

Toronto Blue Jays Batters:

37 Home Games: 63 HR
46 Road Games: 57 HR

Toronto Blue Jays Pitching

37 Home Games: 27 HR
46 Road Games: 43 HR

Total HR Hit :

Rogers Centre: 90 HR (2.43 per game)
Road: 100 HR (2.17 per game)

On the whole the RC allows 0.26 more HR per Jays game this season. Over the course of a regular season schedule (81 home games, 81 road) games in the Centre will see 21 more HR than games on the road. A slight advantage but hardly a Coors effect.


Sidebar: According to ESPN’s own 2010 Park Factor Ratings (through July 4th) the Rogers Centre places 12th out of 30 parks in HR factor.

To build upon the assertion that the Jays hitters are merely collecting cheap T-Dot HR;

Jose Bautista HR: 12 Home, 9 Road

John Buck HR: 5 Home, 8 Road

Vernon Wells HR: 12 Home, Road 7

Both Jose & Vernon are enjoying home cooking but they would still mash if they played exclusively on the road. Vernon would hit 24 HR in 162 road games, while Jose would hit 32. And obviously the quote at the top of the screen calling out Buck is unwarranted, as he’s hit more HR on the road this season.

Conclusion: Keith’s wrong this time around. The Jays have proven that they can hit the long ball anywhere, home or away.

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  1. says: Mark

    You think Keith Law will read it? Hopefully he does and gets some humble pie. Great research per usual and nice to know that a visiting pitcher is slightly less desirable once in Toronto.

    1. says: Early

      Nice Link.

      Also, all baseball bloggers should be made aware to use quantitative adjectives wisely around Kman!

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