Declaration of Intent: Bandwagon Edition

Declaration of Intent: Bandwagon Edition






Current Teams (staying on the wagon)


AL: Cleveland Indians


NL: Pittsburgh Pirates


I’ve been a suffering Indians fan for about 15 years now, and hopefully they can get their act together, overcome Wedge’s inept handling of the bullpen and sneak their way into the playoffs. Go Tribe!


I’ve also been a closet Pirates fan for a number of years. Not much to cheer about, but I’ve been with them for about 7 – 8 years. No playoff appearances anything soon, but they do appear to be headed in the right direction by acquiring low cost players like Nady and hopefully Adam Laroche. PNC, and the legacy of Clemente don’t hurt either…

New Teams (Jumping on the Bandwagon)


AL: Tampa Bay Rays


NL: San Diego Padres


Watching the Rays from afar, there hasn’t been that much to cheer about. But the organization is starting to turn things around with some exciting young talent. I’ll be in Tampa for the opening series of 2007 (against the Jays), so now seems like a good time to jump on. Honorable mention goes to the Kansas City Royals.


Brian Giles has always been one of my favorite players. Many site the decline in power as his downfall, but he’s successfully changed his swing and still produced (over 90 runs, 80 RBI & 100 BB on average in three full seasons with the Padres). XM Radio and the Padres broadcast has only increased my appreciation for the team and the trade of Indians prospect Kevin Kouzmanoff & Andrew Brown now fully allow me to jump on.

Bonus Player Bandwagon (jumping on): Ryan Zimmerman


I wasn’t sold on Zimmerman heading into the 2006 season. He hit for very little power in college and I felt that his torrid September of 2005 was a fluke. Coming into 2006, I figured about a .275 average with 15 – 20 HR and 70 RBI. Well, I was dead wrong. A rising superstar, I can now thank the to archives for allowing me to watch a number of his performances. I’m now “jumping on.”


Write it down for posterity: So what team(s) and player(s) are you “jumping on the bandwagon” for in 2007? Share them with us in the comments section. Afterwards, copy the address (or bookmark) the page, and check back in at the half-way point, or towards the end of the season to see how yours (and others) bandwagon jumping turned out.

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7 replies on “Declaration of Intent: Bandwagon Edition”
  1. says: Early

    So…which bandwagon are you getting on and which are you getting off? Are you trying to say you are coming out of the closet as a Devil Rays fan??

  2. says: Kman

    Good call Early, I went back and edited. Hopefully things are a little clearer now.

    Anyways, yep, jumping on the Rays bandwagon.

    Who are you bandwagon jumping in 2007?

  3. says: Callum

    Current Teams:


    The Toronto Blue Jays
    -We pretty much know what to expect here. More of the same from last season except more runs but weaker pitching.


    Since Les Expos departed for Washington, I threw my support towards San Diego.

    Like you K I am enthused about the Padres this year. They have an exciting, offensive infield as well as young studs Peavy and Young.

    Bandwagon jumping:

    Get ready for the west coast bias…


    Los Angeles Angels:

    With the emergence of Jered Weaver and Howie Kendrick (hopefully) as well as former Jay J-Spei, the return of Bartolo from the DL and superstar Vlady I feel they are primed for a run this year. That being said, cancerman Shea Hillenbrand might be a problem but you never know. Super-util Chone Figgins adds flexibility should Gary Matthews revert back to career form.


    Los Angeles Dodgers:

    The Pierre signing was bizarre, but they have tons of young exciting talent like Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Russ Martin and Jonathan Broxton. Add in proven vets like Jeff Kent and Nomar cobined with a stellar rotation and you have a team that will be in a dog fight with San Diego for top spot in the not-so-weak anymore NL West.

    and of course, I’ll also be keeping a guy on my brew crew…

  4. says: Early

    I am a sucker for the underdogs. So I declare that I am in the closet but would love to see some success from…

    Go Brew Crew

    Go Royals

  5. says: Kman

    Pretty solid picks. The A’s, Dodgers, & Brewers all have decent shots at the playoffs.

    Royals could be pretty good come as early as 2008, and contending for the playoffs in 2009. Now’s the time to hop on, so you can crack out “I told ya so!” My #2 AL Bandwagon pick.

    Got any players?

  6. says: Callum

    As far as players go, I am looking at these guys to have big seasons: Alex Gordon, Felix Hernandez, Ryan Sweeney, Rich Hill, Clay Buchholz, Delmon Young, Prince Fielder, Ben Sheets, Matt Garza, Stephen Drew and maybe even Andy Marte.

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