Spot the Error: 1974 Topps Willie McCovey

Topps 1974 Willie McCovey


Let’s have a little fun with baseball cards and play a game of spot the error. We’ll start off with an easy one. Stepping up to the dish is a 1974 Topps Willie McCovey.


Can you spot the error?

In the upper left hand corner the teams are San Diego on one card and Washington on the other. Also the bottom right hand corner display’s Padres on one card and “Nat’l Lea” on the other.

During the off-season following the 1973 season heavy rumors were swirling about that the San Diego franchise was on their way to Washington. I guess Topps was fairly confident in this happening, as they choose to go with Washington on a number of Padres players. Once the move fell through Topps began replacing these versions with the correct San Diego Padres headings.

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