Introducing Mr. X!

Mr. X


Mop Up Duty is pleased to announce the latest addition to its roster of writers, Mr. X. 


However this latest blockbuster signing comes with a caveat: the expressed opinions of Mr. X are those of Mr. X alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Mop Up Duty.  Mr. X chooses to remain anonymous for the reason that should he be identified, it will compromise his ability to provide Mop Up Duty readers with the most intimate and cutting edge news stories.

 Mr. X hails from parts unknown, but we do know a few selected items about his past.  He has bounced around from various sports franchises and was able to garner a fair amount of notoriety in his roles.  That being said, Mr. X has built many relationships throughout Major League Baseball and has an intimate knowledge of its inner workings and the parties involved. Prior to joining Mop Up Duty, Mr. X had been uncerimoniously dismissed from his post.  He feels he has been marginalized by the powers that be and has offered to get back at those who wronged him by dishing the dirt through Mop Up Duty.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. X to Mop Up Duty and be sure to check back often for the latest dirt that Mr. X is able to slide into or kick up.


The following photos may or may not be of Mr. X.


Immediately prior to joining Mop Up Duty


 The real reason she left Jeter!


Getting the downlow about those on the DL

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  1. says: Kman

    Mr. X looks somewhat familiar…

    Looks like he’s in the loop, which shoud be a nice addition to the site.

    I can’t wait until he spills the dirt on how he stole Biel from Jeter!

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