Jack Cust Back From the Dead

Jack Cust Back From the Dead


Out of the graveyard and into fantasy players hearts, Jack Cust was recently named the AL player of the week. Its time to get back on the Cust bandwagon.

On May 5th Cust was named AL player of the week.

Via MLB.com:

Cust hit .500 last week with three home runs, a double and four RBIs — an offensive feat that garnered the 29-year-old a fair share of attention throughout the American League. For his efforts, the New Jersey native was named the AL Player of the Week for the second time in his career.

Two times in around one season of sustained playing time in the MLB. Not too shabby.



He’s calmed down his BB/K ratio this season in 2008 vs 2007. He’s now slightly below the pace of the all-time strikeout record, although he still should rack up in excess of 150 this season with a chance at 120 walks, making him very similar in BB/K structure to that of an Adam Dunn. Let’s see if he can up his overall pace of HR to PA.

As of this writing Cust now has an .827 OPS, placing him 17th in the AL. Directly behind him in order are Upton, Morneau, Cabrera & Sizemore.

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