Jose Canseco Selling HGH

Jose Canseco Selling HGH


As close to HGH as the law allows…

When we’re not pimping Victor Conte’s ZMA we’re keeping our eyes open for some of the other supplements out there. Chalk it up to our genetic deposition to being skinny bastards. Anyways while doing so I came across this:


Its not “technically” HGH but its about as close to it as the US FDA will allow. The past HGH was banned a few years back from sale within stores like GNC & the Vitamin Shoppe. Since then supplement companies have been creating new formula’s that fall within the new FDA guidelines, yet they still produce some strong steroid & HGH effects. Make no doubt, this is basically HGH and will most likely get banned within the next few years.

Some of the product recommendations include cycling the product for 8 weeks, a typical HGH or steroid recommendation. I love the headline : What’s Canseco on now?


As of yet, the website for the company of the supplement, one German American Technologies (GAT) doesn’t have any Canseco related material. It will be interesting to see what comes next in Canseco’s quest to earn as much as humanly possible off of the steroid scandal.

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