JP Anger, Roy Halladay to LAA & Free Randy Ruiz

JP Anger, Roy Halladay to LAA & Free Randy Ruiz


As we all know by now, yesterday Roy Halladay gave JP a list of teams that he’d be willing to move to. This promoted me to tweet my thoughts. Eyebeleaf over at the great Sports and the City tweeted back. And then things broke down

MUD (mopupduty)
Halladay wants out for a reason, namely wanting to win. That makes his position on JP’s team pretty clear, doesn’t it?

Did J.P. set the payroll at $80 million?

Did the Rays set theirs at $80 million. Not to be that guy (well kinda) JP had $100+ for a few years and we’ve seen how that went

We had $100 million once, last year. Highest ever. Can’t compare Jays to Rays. Rays’ kids still on cheap contracts, you know that

According to Cots Contracts the Jays have the 2nd highest 2013 payroll obligation. Piss poor contract management by JP

He backended deals thinking Rogers would let him spend in 09, 10, and 11. When Doc was under contract. Rogers changed their mind

He was going for playoffs now. Then last summer he had to let AJ walk. Payroll slashed $20 million. What can he do?

Even if the Jays have a young core they’ve committed too much $$$ in the future. Remember when JP had a 5 year plan… 8 years ago

You’d have been fine with $ committed in future if they made the playoffs. Godfrey killed 5 yr plan. Your hatred is misdirected.

No hatred, just facts I’d be fine if the Jays had a meaningful September during those eight seasons. Time to try someone else at GM

True enough, brother. I’m not averse to change, just don’t think he’s the monster he’s been made out to be. Go Jays.

I love the passion! While I disagree with his points you have to love Eyebleaf defending his position right over Twitter. He’s firmly in JP’s camp. I’ve been after J.P’s head since 2006. What’s your opinion?

Halladay to the Angels? Doubt it

Jumping back to Halladay for a moment, I was watching a bit of the Angels game late last night and they had owner Artie Moreno in the broadcast booth. After discussing the evils of adding more payroll to his ballclub he said the following about Roy:

Doc Halladay makes anybody a better team. The question is do you have to give up so much that it makes you a weak team?

I think the Angels are out of the Halladay sweepstakes.

Free Randy Ruiz

Fellow writer was calling for Ruiz to be called up way back on April 20th . Here’s a nice career Bio that he wrote – Randy Ruiz Profile Below is a sample of what Callum wrote.

Randy Ruiz is a career minor-leaguer (although he has had a brief 22 game cup of coffee) who has spent his last four years between AA and AAA in six different teams’ systems. His OPSs those four years have been 1.074, .870, .894 and .902. Very solid numbers, but I didn’t really take notice until I was doing an article updating the Las Vegas 51s.

Something postivie

On the plus side AHill just keeps on producing, hitting HR #22 yesterday. That puts him on pace for over 30 this season.

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  1. says: Ian

    I’m kind of surprised that the Jays have held Ruiz back in LV for this long. Hopefully he get the call in the next few weeks!

  2. says: Ian

    That “J.P.’s Used Car Lot” picture gets me every time. It just might be the best photoshopped Jays picture I’ve ever seen.

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