JP’s Infirmiry

JP’s Infirmiry

Hearing the injury report for the Blue Jays during the work up to the first game in March was not positive.

As we know, the Blue Jays, like most teams have to depend on their starting 8 and their starting pitchers to stay healthy if they even want to sniff at the playoffs.

This said, off-season injuries, injuries from last season, surgery recovery time or even nagging injuries have to be worked out in Spring.

1. Frank Thomas will not be reporting to Camp for a couple weeks. The Hurt says he isn’t hurt but he knows his body and is looking at only 30-40 AB to get ready. This might be ok for him, he is the DH and doesn’t need to practise shagging flies but this is terrible for team building.

2. Doc was said to have had tightness in his right fore arm and suffered from this over the off season. This was rumoured and JP or Gibbons wouldn’t say too much. Doc pitched two innings yesterday and looked good.

3. Rios who also played yesterday was said to have had aching shoulders and back as did his corner outfield counterpark Reed Johnson. Rios who had a break out first half and stuggled after returning from a staph infection is expected to star in right field for the Jays. Johnson who had a soild season in which he legitimised his existence on a major league lineup day in and day out also had an ailing back.

With the walking out Catalanatto the Jays only outfield other than V-Dub is Adam Lind. Lind, who had a great September really has to work on playing the field if he is going to replace Rios or Johnson.

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