K-Law Gives Travis Snider Respect

K-Law Gives Travis Snider Respect

 Keith Law
Former assistant to Toronto Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi and current scout Keith Law just released his current top 100 prospect list and Jays’ top prospect Travis Snider rates very high on that list.

Travis Snider

Travis Snider is currently in A ball playing for the Lansing Lugnuts. We have wrote much about Travis here at Mop Up Duty so search for his name if you would like to find related articles.  Keith has this to say about Travis:

The word on Snider out of high school from his detractors was that he was stiff, slow, a little heavy, had bad knees and so on. The word on him now is that he can flat-out hit, and his detractors have shut their mouths for the time being. Snider sets himself up well to hit for average and power, with a low load, a simple swing and a very short path to the ball. He’s got some loft to his swing to drive balls out, with plus power already, but will shorten up to go the other way on offspeed stuff. He’s a solid-average runner and has at least a 60 arm in right field. He has a good idea at the plate, and his contact rate should improve as he develops. This was a steal of a pick at No. 14 in ’06; among hitters, only Longoria (No. 3 selection) looks better right now.

In addition, Law lists Snider as #7 out of his top 100 prospects. We initially had the same concerns at Mop Up Duty that Snider’s detractors had about his stiffness and potential to play a Major League defensive position.  We have since changed out position and are very pleased about Snider’s progress into one of the premier minor league prospects in the game. Special thanks go out to Travis Snider’s Dad who commented in our original piece on T-snide, who all but predicted Travis’ greatness here.

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  1. says: Shaolin Killer Bees

    yes! im a huge blue jays fan and seeing Snider come up in late august and september was very exciting. He hit .330+ and showed off his power, clutch hitting and even flashed some nice defense out in left field (his first game ever in yankee stadium he made a nice jumping catch against the left field wall in foul territory). He certainly showed promise and i know jays fans are very excited to see what this kid can do this year. I think he will fit nicely in the 3 spot at some point this year after alex rios and in front of adam lind.

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