Karim Garcia: Home Run Champ!

Karim Garcia: Home Run Champ!

Karim Garcia

As part of the Mexican League All Star festivities this week, former infamous NYY Karim Garcia took home the top prize.

Karim Garcia


In the first round Garcia hit 7 bombs. Carlos Rivera and Donny Leon both hit 4 and Willis Ota±ez hit 3 to advance to the second round. 

In the second round Carlos Rivera hit 6 jacks compared to Garcia’s 4.  Ota±ez hit 1 and Leon was shut out.

In the final, Rivera and Garcia both tied with 4 jonrun’s, however the dirty Mexican League tiebreak went to Garcia since he hit the furthest homerun.  As Early would say, “thick neck” is your new home run champ!

Plinio Escalante, Karim Garcia & Carlos Rivera

Mexican Baseball League Commissioner Plinio Escalante along with Karim Garcia and Carlos Rivera.

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5 replies on “Karim Garcia: Home Run Champ!”
  1. says: F*BOSTON

    Wow, those are some names I haven’t seen since Eastern League Double A. Donny Leon was a one-time Top 10 prospect at 3B for the Yanks too.

  2. says: Callum

    Donny Leon is absolutely raking. He leads the LMB in HR with 22 and has an OPS of 1.200. He is definitely worth a look for any MLB team with a power shortage. Nats maybe?

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