Lima Gets Lit Up (again!)

Lima Gets Lit Up (again!)


Saltillo gets licked

Jose Lima followed up his last rough outing with another one!


Lima was able to eat up innings in this start, going 7.1 yet he gave up 9 hits 5ER and another 2 jacks. This bumped his ERA up to 3.19.  His Saltillo Saraperos lost the game 6-5 to Chihuahua.

El Hefe 


In other Mexican League news, the expansion Tigres de Quintana Roo (which I mentioned in a previous article) have surged to the top of the standings in the South division with an impressive 17-7 record.  They are sporting 3 of the leagues’ best pitchers: Pablo Ochoa, Oscar Bustillos and Pablo Ortega.  They have ERA’s of 1.82, 2.16 and 2.28 respectively.   They are able to hand off their leads to capable closer Antonio Osuna.  Offensively they are led by Catcher Jorge Alberto Vazquez who has 10 dingers in only 87 AB. The SS Javier Robles is hitting at a .422 clip.  Not bad with the expectation that Ismael Valdes will join the team later in the season. I haven’t been able to get any stats on whether or not there is any fan support in Cancun (I sincerely hope so).  At any rate, a winning team is a step in the right direction.


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  • Those are some pretty gaudy stats for 25 games in. For the expansion team, did they do an expansion draft or just FA most of their star players (thinking pitchers with low ERAs)?

  • Well to be fair, they aren’t really an expansion team. They are transplanted from Angelopolis (Puebla) which is right outside of Mexico City. They were league champs in 2005 so they have a solid base to work from.

  • Ah, relocated. That makes sense considering the talent base.